About Us (meaning you and me)

I’ll give actionable direction that helps you, the aspiring adventurer, make a successful transition to an exhilarating lifestyle in a foreign country.

It starts by teaching you how to live a meaningful, valued, and important life while earning a good living in the process.

By engaging in the proven techniques you’ll cultivate the right mindset so you can uncover your true calling, set realistic goals, road map a specific action plan, and set course for mental, physical, and financial stability.    

There are literally millions of people who dream of traveling the world, living abroad while having the ability to earn income remotely.

Most want to escape their personal humdrum, grab life by the britches, and explore the world in all it’s awesome magnificence.

It’s absolutely positively an attainable dream.

THE PROBLEM IS, most don’t know where to begin, how to support themselves financially without a conventional 9-5 job, or how to really adapt and prosper inside of different cultures.

So instead, they just take short destination vacations in lieu of lengthy immersion travel. I’m here to tell you that’s fine, but it’s not the way it has to be. You can live your dream – if you know what you’re doing, and are willing to do it.

After years of building and operating businesses to care for my family I got bored with chasing the great American dream. At the time, that was my purpose, and it brought me great pleasure providing as a Dad. After the kids flew the coop I’d become an empty nester, so at age 50 I reset my sites to another passion; immersing in foreign cultures.

For the past 9 years or so I’ve been traveling throughout The Americas, China, India and most of Southeast Asia. Sometimes volunteering, sometimes working, but always exploring, observing and learning about what’s going on around me.

Traveling into more than 42 countries, I’ve investigated the lifestyles of expats, travelers, retirees, and digital nomads. These lifestyles have reshaped my passion and mission to help others do the same.  

Experiencing newness, in all its forms, is magical for me. I can’t imagine anything more interesting or enriching.

Every day is a new adventure. If you let it be.

WARNING: – it’s not a cakewalk. The challenges demand the best of you.

This lifestyle requires plenty of sacrifices, with no familiar home or old friends to retreat to. You must expose the real you and build on your innate talents. This is part of the fun, and in return you’ll reap incredible experiences most people will only dream of.


As big and diverse as cultures and economies around the world are, it doesn’t mean you can’t find everything you need to prosper in faraway lands.

The big cities in Asia and The Americas are in many cases much more accommodating and efficient than most people think. Basic services are often superior to the dominant “first world” cities of just a few decades ago.

Health care, for example, can be world class in places like Thailand, India, Mexico, or Colombia, and delivered at a much much lower cost than found in Europe, Canada, Australia or the States. 

Shopping malls, restaurants, airports, and city transportation systems are amazing and beautiful. Wifi is ubiquitous, free and mostly very fast. Regulations on business allow for, and promote, thriving entrepreneurial activity.

Look, if you’ve been thinking about a new lifestyle living abroad, or maybe you’re already there but find yourself struggling a bit, welcome on board.

Together, we can put some formations of success in place for you and others to follow.