In almost any coffee shop or cafe in the world you’ll spot people hunkered down in front of laptops conducting business thousands of miles away.

These are the new lifestyle workers known as digital nomads.

Digital nomad: A location independent entrepreneur or professional who has the freedom to work wherever they choose, whenever they want.

They accomplish this by using the internet and a laptop as their main work tools, providing a growing range of goods and services to people around the globe.

The dream:  To make money while doing stints in different parts of the world. Work when you want – with no bossy bosses.

It’s an amazing lifestyle of ample income, personal fulfillment, and abundant individual freedom. 

The reality: It can be lonely, grueling work – not suitable for everyone. Especially if you lack a plausible plan or don’t have the personality to suck it up when needed.

You’ll have to contend with awkward conditions of all sorts and daily hassles of unreliable services, foreign language barriers, and maddening cultural differences just to name a few.

Often times you’re all alone with few face-to-face resources to turn to when needed.

The term “nomad” is disconcerting to some. It gives a connotation of just wandering around without purpose, drifting on a dream.

Indeed, some do just that, but growing numbers of trailblazers are carving ways to a future, living on the forefront of the ultimate freedom movement.

These are the prospering travelers. Going boldly.

The phenomenon is still taking form, morphing into a powerful way to work and make money remotely from far distant locations. 

Some are thriving wildly because they have the right mindset and a careful plan. Others find it a daily grind, struggling in frustration to find their niche because they’re not following the proven strategies and techniques.

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It’s not enough to know how to use technology. That might be your primary tool, but you have to build something of value for others.

The winners are providing products or services they genuinely believe in, but more importantly they offer products and services that provide a real value to others.

The fledgelers are fulfilling orders on Amazon and writing sloppy eBooks with scant traces of value. Their earnings are scant, too. Use this strategy sparingly.

Without providing true-blue value to others you’ll have a nothing-burger on your hands. In other words, you’ll go hungry.

There are many paths to prosperity. The mission of a digital nomad is to use your gifts, find your special niche, stay passionate, and build it up pleasurably and patiently over time. 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins, continues, and ends one step at a time.”         ~ Lao Tzu (slightly amended)

Real Life Example

In the high misty mountains of Sapa, Vietnam I befriended a thirty-something couple on a footpath winding through hillside rice terraces.

They were volunteering part-time at a local NGO, Sapa O Chau teaching English to Hmong children and helping build trails in the mountains and valleys.

The trail system allowed locals to offer tourists authentic overnight homestay walking tours in the astonishingly gorgeous countryside. 

They were also earning money remotely.

Katie, an ex HR director, was working as an independent contractor preparing human resource operating manuals for companies back in America. 

The distance and time zones made zero difference. She could perform well and was earning decent bank.

Her husband, Jeff, an English major, had a gift for writing persuasive copy. He used this skill to earn about $4,500 a month creating website content for clients in America and fundraising materials for charitable organizations in Asia. 

They’d given up some comforts back home in Seattle, but they lacked nothing, were actually able to save money, and felt more energized, optimistic, and purposeful in their new lifestyle.  Awesome!

After almost a year in Vietnam they were soon heading into Cambodia, and then Laos. 

Katie and Jeff are clearly prospering travelers living an unconventional, very satisfying lifestyle


Reality Check

Over the last 8-9 years I’ve been a perpetual traveler. All the while I’ve been drilling down deep for the secret sauces of success while living on the road. I’ve taken copious notes with interviews from hundreds of travelers, nomads, and retirees. My intention is almost always to discover what’s working, what’s not, and why.

This constantly developing knowledge will absolutely help you weave through the mind wrenching complications in an effort to help you spot your smokin’ hot opportunities.

You provide your unique character and the drive; we provide the tools to nuance your way to greater prosperity abroad.

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Traveling entrepreneurs and professionals by the thousands have been expanding life’s possibilities beyond entrapment of an expensive urban condo, the latest fashions and a shiny new car. 

People across the world are giving up their nine-to-five jobs, bossy bosses, mounds of monthly bills, and domestic turmoil to enjoy the allure of a freedom to live and work on their own terms. 

A little note of caution here: Not everyone is suited to a life like this. Some give it a limp shot only to return home utterly defeated. You don’t have to be one of them.

If you’re interested to find out if you have the qualities and personality that are best suited for a life abroad, take a few minutes to read 16 Personalities – Why One are You? Why it Matters.

It takes a certain personality, a carefully mind mapped plan and diamond hard devotion to self-discipline to be a winner at the digital nomads lifestyle.

Just like the dream-seeking Forty-Niners who sought their gold fortunes in the river beds of Northern California, or the Spanish explorers in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola, you can end up in disarray and deep in debt if you aren’t grounded in realities.


A Day in the Life

As I write this I’m sitting at an open air restaurant on the banks of the Ping river in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The only sounds I hear, other than the soft typing on my MacBook Air, are the sounds of morning doves in the trees, soft tinkling Thai music, and a light murmur of motorbikes in the distance. 

I’m pouring over years of notes and interviews to develop highly valuable information that hopefully helps you to learn about the art of a prospering traveler.

For the past 9 years I’ve been traveling throughout The Americas, China, India and most of Southeast Asia. A few years ago it was only occasionally I’d run across someone who claimed to be traveling and making a living online. Nowadays, it’s super common to find them just about everywhere. 

Those making a good go of it understand the secret formula, the others have to go home. 

I’ve spent a great deal of time asking hundreds of questions and interviewing dozens of DN’s about how they go about their business and daily lives. Though many are tech oriented millennials, it’s fascinating to see a growing number of seasoned professionals and semi-retirees who are making a meaningful career change or taking their craft on the road.

A French Nomad who owned a pizza oven in Louangprabang, Laos once said to me…

“It’s not always easy and comfortable, but the quirkiness of life in foreign cultures keeps me on my toes and growing daily – that’s worth it.”

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