16 Personalities – Which are You? Why it Matters.  


Ok, you want to travel the world and make money while you’re at it. Got it.

Have you asked yourself the penetrating questions to avoid stumbling into a face plant?

Are you wholly equipped to explore, earn a living and happily adapt in fundamentally different cultures abroad?

Or will you go into shock, blow your lid over inevitable everyday inconveniences and finally just isolate yourself to avoid the hassles?

It matters, and you should know definitively before you make the leap.

  • Do I have enough money for my start-up period?
  • What’s my monthly cost of living going to be? 
  • Am I mentally prepared and ready?
  • Is my body physically prepared?
  • What specific work will I do and what income can I expect?
  • Will I need to learn the local language?
  • Am I tolerant, patient, and persistent enough to handle it? 
  • Where, exactly, am I going? Why? 
  • What’s my real inner motivation for going?

Understanding the answers to these and many other questions is going to give you a big fat leg up.

Then with proper mind mapping and the right personality you can create an incredibly enriching experience in your lifetime here on spaceship Earth.

If your temperament is ill suited for it, and unfortunately this happens all too often,  you could become completely bored, isolated, and in debt.

You want get off on the right foot. You will if you prepare and keep yourself mentally, physically, and financially strong in order the thrive in a new and thrilling lifestyle overseas.

Take the necessary actions to learn and practice the top secrets for living successfully in another country.

Your chance at long term success will skyrocket!

Unfortunately, many ambitious adventure seekers fail – in short order.

Winners live prodigiously, by practicing the tricks of the trade.



Think You Have It Made?

It’s short-sighted and foolish to say “I’ve traveled to Mexico and Costa Rica, speak a little Spanish and have a laptop, so I’m ready!”

This attitude, while important and positive in many ways, just isn’t enough for lasting success.

In fact, it often leads to sun bleached bones, like those scattered across the plains of Serengeti.


Look, it’s easy to get eaten alive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Predators are everywhere.

Test Your Personality

Find out right now – or later – if you have the personality for long term travel. This tried and true self evaluation test by HumanMetrics will deliver an honest, unobjective point of view.

This FREE 64 question Personality Test will make you think about yourself, and highlight your natural inclinations for becoming a prospering traveler – or not.

Be brutally honest. You want an accurate description of your over arching personality – don’t you?


Then analyze your results and check out all 16 personality profiles to keep in mind when considering travel mates, which we’ll talk about shortly.

The test isn’t 100% spot on, so don’t get rattled if turns out you’re a cautious intellectual clam in a slammed tight shell!

Understanding your primary strengths and weaknesses is one of your competitive advantages entering into your gateway to growth.

Using your strengths to prosper in all aspects of life is your first mission.

Remember this! Drill it into your conscious mind, think of it every morning and when the lights go off at night.

If you want to develop your weaknesses, nobody’s going to stop you, but remember, a duck is a duck. If that’s you, just flap your wings and quack on!

Choosing Travel Partners

The importance of personalities really hit home to me while attempting to live and work in Honolulu with a friend during a gap year after high school.

We’d gone to Oahu from Arizona hoping to get work and live near the bikini-draped beaches of Waikiki.

It was a dream, right?

We’d saved about $2,000 each to help us settle in and rent a cozy bungalow for $120 a week one block from the beach. Perfect. Game on!

That’s when my friend’s ESTP personality became a dream-ending issue.

After a few days in the small place my buddy announced it wasn’t spacious or glamorous enough. He didn’t want to do his own cooking and laundry either. We’d never have the right attitude to get a high paying job if we stayed there.

On and on he went….

He needed an audience. To be on center stage. I never knew this until then.

He insisted on moving to a beachfront hotel at sixty bucks a night, pelting back sundowners by the pool every evening. Clearly he was interested in a vacation, not working and living in a faraway land.

My first attempt living abroad was a failure. I chose the wrong personality to go with.

Some might say I chose to go with anyone! Who knows, but Marty and I were definitely not in sych, and it shattered our plans.

Choosing the right travel mate is crucial to your success. If you’re not traveling solo, be sure to understand the true personality of your travel mate before shoving off. You can always try an extended road trip or two first or just take time to discuss “what-if’s?”

Just because you’re good mates at home in familiar surrounding, it doesn’t mean you’ll be jiffy on the road. 

Dealing with a personality not suited to the realities of everyday challenges inherent in long term travel can set you back, or worse, end your adventure altogether.

Understanding if you or your travel mate has the personality of successful travelers is not to be overlooked. Dig into it.

If you have some advice or suggestions of your own, please leave them in the comments section just below. Your fellow readers would love to hear from you.


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